Unveiling The Future of Geospatial Dashboards

Geospatial analysis is the hidden gem of business data. From consumer purchasing trends to natural disaster risks to figures on income and employment, geospatial data is the frontier of data science, immediately letting you visualize data points where and when they happen.

It’s no wonder that the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.7% between now and 2027.

However, there remain three main problems with geospatial data:

  1. It’s a complex skill to master 

  2. The software doesn’t handle large data sets

  3. The software can’t handle diverse data types 

We’ve solved all three of these with our first-ever interactive, in-browser dashboard, which can visualize millions of records in real-time.

Our newly released version features the following abilities:

Cross Filter Large Data Sets In Browser

Our real-time cross-filtering smoothly handles 44 million records in the browser. 

44 million cell towers

Dynamic Record Inspection

Filter by attribute and see the map-level and cell data dynamically respond to filters.

US Census Data

Time Lapse Animation

Visualize data over time to create interactive time-lapse animations, as shown below with this weather data. 

US Weather Animation

Watch the full video breakdown here: 

Are you interested in a demo of how our dashboard can help you easily manipulate your businesses’ geospatial data? click here to contact us for more information. 

Published: May 15, 2024 9:45pm UTC