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Enterprise Dashboards

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No waiting. No learning curve. No complicated licensing.

Generate more profit-impacting insights and spend less time summarizing large data sets with a new generation of real-time dashboards.

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How It Works

Hardware acceleration enables teams to create and deploy complex analyses and visualizations in under five minutes through familiar interfaces on data sets of any size.

Row64 dashboards allow us to make real-time changes to complex economic models for our clients that were not feasible with existing solutions. It's a game-changer.

- Jonathan Wilson, CTO, Resolution Economics

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Interactivity Redefined

Explore tens of millions of geo-locations with real-time cross-filtering in an intuitive dashboard. Discover how next-generation cross-filtering delivers advanced understanding for your business.

Security First

Handling sensitive data is crucial for enterprises. Row64 offers complete control of your data and infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premises, without any remote service connection. Achieve the highest data security and access management level with unparalleled IT control and simplicity.

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Next-Gen Performance

Traditional dashboards with JavaScript and server-side scripts suffer from slow performance. Row64 revolutionizes this with groundbreaking hardware acceleration techniques, delivering lightning-fast speeds across cloud, server, browser, and desktop.

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Accessible and Powerful

Row64 leverages familiar spreadsheet workflows, intuitive drag-and-drop, and industry standards like A1 Notation, SQL, and Python. This allows you to spend more time innovating in data science and less time learning new software.

Businesses often have the dilemma of too much data to work with interactively in todays analytics tools. Row64 allows the creativity and modeling speed of the spreadsheet without limits.

- Clemens Kownatzki, Associate Dean, Pepperdine Graziadio

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Industry Use Cases

Row64 Adopters Are Game-Changers and Difference-Makers

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Financial Modeling

Allow for instant changes to complex risk models that significantly reduce the time economic analysis firms spend on making changes and reporting results to clients.

sentiment analysis controlled with a realtime dashboard.

Product Analysis

Enable online gaming companies to leverage vast amounts of user feedback. Offering real-time visualization and navigation through massive amounts of text that empowers a data-driven approach to feature prioritization.

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Market Research

Explore vast amounts of historical weather and crop growth data in real time. Empowering market research companies to help clients accurately predict surplus and shortage scenarios for future growing seasons.

Our Partners

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Our Team

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Co-founders Michael Isner and Marc Stevens have collaborated for over 20 years on groundbreaking VFX and gaming projects like Jurassic Park, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Half-Life 2. After leading teams at Microsoft, Autodesk, Activision, and Avid, they reunited to apply real-time gaming innovations to data analytics. Alongside data scientist June Isner, they aim to revolutionize data exploration software, enabling businesses of all sizes to move from legacy batch workflows to real-time insights.

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