What Slows Down Data Speed?

Introducing Row64


Efficiency Multiplied

Blending the best of Spreadsheets, Python notebooks, and modeling workflows in a GPU
powered real-time environment, Row64 makes exploratory analysis between all
stakeholders of complex data projects possible.


Both Spreadsheets and Python Notebooks make it easy to experiment with quick prototyping and exploratory analysis. Row64 combines the best of both worlds in a high powered but simple data environment.

Level Up Your Data Tools

Our research has shown that Business Analysts, Data Scientists & Data Analysts all work in different ways, but have overlapping workflow patterns. Combining data expert tools and business/data analyst tools, Row64 is a first-of-its-kind interactive data analytics engine that democratizes working on massive amounts of data.

Business Analyst Spreadsheets

GPU Spreadsheets make a tried-and-true tool even better.

Data Analyst & Graphing

Raytraced graphics improve visualization quality and precision.

Data Scientist & IDE View

Interactively view and iterate data at massive scales.

Speed Bake Off

Hardware Driven Innovation

The race is on. As hardware and GPU performance increases, Row64 performance increases exponentially over competitors.

The GPU takes parallel computing to orders of magnitude beyond the CPU, offering thousands of compute cores. NVIDIA, a leading GPU developer, predicts that GPUs will help provide a 1000X acceleration in compute performance by 2025. Ultimately, the GPU is a major transforming force in computing and will dramatically affect business, decision making, data, and operations.

A Breakthrough Environment

Row64 squeezes every nanosecond of performance out of the lastest developments in hardware. From the GPU to the SSD and lastest in display and motherboard innovations.

Data Science Transformed

Row64 uses cutting edge changes in hardware and game technology to bring speed and new capabilities to data science and business analysis

Data Science Transformed

Row64 uses cutting edge changes in hardware and game technology to
bring speed and new capabilities to data science and business analysis.

Why Scale Up Now?

Rapid Data Explosion

90% of the worlds data made in last 2 years

Companies Are Becoming Data Companies

The need for data insights is a growth sector in the economy. Companies have an increasing need to extract in-depth knowledge from growing volumes of data.

Simplicity Matters

Excel & Python dominate the data market. Excel Has 1.2 Billion Users, Python Has 8.3 Million Users

Next Generation Charting

Deck drop-in-ready for client & exec review

A graphic design pass is typical for professional reports that include data science findings. Every pixel in Row64 is final quality rendered with realtime ray tracing, a gold standard for high-end media.

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Row64 was previously called Dillon Ridge Computing

We are excited to be partners with NVIDIA and part of their Inception Program!