Row64 - Whitepaper

The Future of Data Analytics Software, Today

Spreadsheets are the most popular computer software in the world. Excel itself has been the top PC program globally for virtually the last 20 years.

The problem is that Excels’ limitations are becoming major bottlenecks in modern data science and business intelligence. One of Excel’s main limitations is being able to only ingest 1 million rows at a time—a fraction of the amount needed for modern big data analytics.

The result is that 73% of business data is left unused for analytics—an opportunity cost estimated to be $3.1 billion annually. It’s estimated that 80% of data analyst time is spent simply preparing data.

Our whitepaper covers how Row64 is using the technology of the gaming industry—such as GPU acceleration, bare metal programming and low latency optimization—to unleash the power of spreadsheets for modern business intelligence and data science.

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