Row64 is Hiring

We’re growing fast and looking for new talent to join our team.

Open Roles:

Low Level Developer
Help us build the next generation of ground breaking data tools in Row64.
Primary experience needed:
• Experience with low-level systems coding in C/C++
• Interest in hardware focused development
• Knowledge of software optimization, compilers and high speed byte manipulation
• Knowlege or interest in interfacing Python with C/C++
GPU Developer
Help us break speed records in Data Science, and push the limits of data visualization.
Primary experience needed:
• Experience with GPU coding and optimization
• Knowledge of both graphics and compute
• Knowledge of GPU hardware & software architecture
• Experience with Vulkan, DirectX 12, and Metal graphics APIs
Build Engineer
Help us ship an incredible, reliable software that improves the daily lives of our users.
Primary experience needed:
• Experience with managing software build and release cycles
• Coordinate engineering to provide stable, high quality and timely software
• Develop a process that keeps overhead low and turnaround times fast
• Experience with Github, C/C++, Python and web deployment
Low Level Web Developer
Help us deploy cutting edge data science technology on the web.
Primary experience needed:
• Experience with high speed web graphics in WebGL and an interest in WebGPU
• Knowledge of C/C++ and WebAssembly coding and compiling
• Familiar with web pipelines from databases to server automation
• Knowlege of lightweight & minimal development using CSS & Flexbox

Get In Touch:

If you’re interested in one of the above roles, please send us an email at: